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The Holy Ghost Machine Gun

eavesdropping on the new world order...

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my pet!

adam again, alien, all-seeing eye, anthony trollope, apocalyptic fiction, arrested development, auburn tigers football, auburn university, badlands, basement jaxx, baylor university, bigfoot, black olives, black ops, brandy, buck owens, buffy the vampire slayer, bulghur wheat, butterscotch, charley pride, coast to coast am, college football, conspiracies, cookie's fortune, cornershop, couscous, cryptozoology, dandy warhols, dasani strawberry water, david bowie, daydreaming, diet lime coke, documentaries, dogs, don delillo, dr. pepper, dulce de leche, eastern europe, eccentricity, elvis, entertainment weekly, epic of gilgamesh, eschatology, film noir, firehouse subs, fondue, gilmore girls, graham greene, green tea, haunted house movies, hemingway, hg wells, history, hoaxes, horror films, hot sauce, houston, houston astros, houston dynamo, hp lovecraft, hummus, hypochondria, immigrant literature, indian food, jack london, jefferson airplane, jericho, jim jarmusch, johnny cash, joseph conrad, kaleidoscope, kensington runestone, listology.com, literary forgeries, lonely planet guides, lucinda williams, manchego cheese, maps, marina oswald, mike knott, minor league baseball, minstrelsy, mlb, montgomery biscuits, neo-noir, nephilim, number stations, old testament, orange marmalade, orson welles, pazuzu, placebo, plum brandy, port, profilers, propel, pseudoscience, psychedelic, punk, quinoa, ramayana, road trips, robert altman, robert louis stevenson, rockabilly, sarah vowell, sasquatch, saturns, secret societies, shoegazer, sonic drive-in, sonny rollins, starbursts, starflyer 59, steve earle, t-rex, tapas, thai food, the byrds, toffee, tom kha soup, travel lit, trucker songs, u2, ufos, umhb, used book stores, veronica mars, vietnamese food, vs naipaul, waco, westerns, willa cather, william hope hodgson, xm radio