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The Final Post--Forever?

 Okay, it has definitely been too long since a post. 

Tomorrow my friend Mike comes to visit, and Tuesday morning we are getting up and driving into the heart of East Texas (a place Col. Kurtz might find himself comfortable in) to visit a couple of small towns supposedly full of haunted sites. Yes, it may be silly, but when you live in one of the most generic suburbs in the galaxy, trips like this feel like a pilgrimage to Mecca. For those of my livejournal friends who live in Oklahoma (all two of you), you may be interested to know that erstwhile Okie Karen Silkwood, fatally poisoned by mean ol' nuclear plant owners, is buried in East Texas. Legend has it that she received such a dose of radiation that her grave glows at night. I don't remember that in the Cher-Meryl Streep film! I don't know if we'll get around to her grave though. We will go, however, to a small town called Jefferson, once a rollicking, prosperous riverboat town in the late 19th century until Shreveport put it out of business. Many people got killed there, and so today the economy is at least partly based on all the ghosts just wandering around. 

If we don't return, goodbye.

If I do return, maybe I'll finally get going again on my dissertation...
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