johnnyilluminati (johnnyilluminat) wrote,

Navel Gazing about Journals

I wonder what other people's experiences are with continuing journals, whether online or written?

Once in awhile I might go a month or two with no posts on livejournal, but for the most part, I'm pleasantly surprised with myself that I've kept up with this for over two years. Sometimes, I have to plan ahead and ecide what I'm going to post on the next day because I'm so good at spontaneously spinning out tales of my day. Other times, I have to make myself post because I know if I let myself go too long, it will be difficult to get going again. And, of course, I'm happy later that I made myself post. Interestingly, I've found that even posting short entries regularly helps me stay in the groove of writing in other ways, even dissertation stuff.

For years, I wished I could also keep a traditional written journal, but I had no ability to do that--I am certainly not the "Dear Diary" type, writing my reflections and /or feelings down, but I eventually found a method that worked for me. I have two different journals right now, each focused on a different type of entry. One is a travel journal, and I take it along when I visit friends or even go on day trips to see something interesting. I've kept this journal for over two years as well, and I already enjoy flipping back through it to remember all the details of some great trips. The other journal is my journal of the weird, mysterious, and conspiratorial. Sometimes it overlaps with the travel journal, as when I wrote about my trip to see lbangs in my travel journal, but then wrote an in-depth entry on the Heavener Runestone in my other journal. I also write out synopses and impressions of books about pseudo-historical or pseudo-scientific works, since I often use that kind of stuff when I teach composition classes. One of the last entries in my journal of the strange was my memories of witnessing an "exorcism" when I was a freshman in college. I con't want to forget anything that happened that night, partly because I'm still not sure what happened or whether I even believe in possession. All I can say is it was one of the most terrifying things I've ever experienced.

I also love sports, as you may have picked up on, especially the Houston Astros, but also Auburn Tigers football, but most of the people I know on livejournal aren't much into sports, so I usually refrain from posting much in that vein. But last week, I discovered that lets users sign up for sports-themed blogs, so I went ahead and set one up. Of course, since I don't rant and rave like some sports fans, mine could very easily get lost in the shuffle there, but I have really enjoyed my first two posts, getting to write about something I don't normally feel free to write on.

So, does anyone else have multiple journals or blogs for different interests or types of writing?
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