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That's Right: Best. Sub. Ever.

I've been subbing quite a bit the last couple of weeks, and I'm enjoying it more since I decided not to sub for the high school or middle school anymore--it's elementary all the way! I still encounter some trouble-makers (like the two third-graders yesterday who got in-school suspension for peeing in the bathroom sinks), but at least they don't act surly the way too many of the high schoolers do. Yesterday, another student informed me that when he grows up he will either be an architect or "in the service because I have the skills the service needs." Wha--?! Our military needs skills that third-graders possess? I was afraid to ask what these special "skills" could be. Best of all, last week, in a second-grade class, I even got several drawings from students that proclaimed me "Best Sub Ever!" Can I put that on my CV?

I've also managed to squeeze in a few movies--The Hoax (which I didn't like all that much), a revival of Clash of the Titans (as cheesy and enjoyable as I remembered), Meet the Robinsons (okay), and Disturbia (wow! I loved it!).

Disturbia had a few things going for it, besides a good story and likable characters--it had the goofy yet intelligent Asian sidekick in the tradition of Data from the Goonies and this piece of Dawson's Creek-like dialogue:
                Girl: You've been watching me? What did you see?
                Guy: I've seen you reading. And I don't mean Us Weekly--I mean substantial reading...
                Girl: That is either the sweetest or the creepiest thing I've ever heard. 
                (They kiss)

I mean, how can you not love that? Voyuerism and substantial reading?
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