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Heaven Is a Police State?

I rarely remember my dreams, but this morning I woke up and realized that in one part of my dream that I woke up from, I was printing bumper stickers that said "HEAVEN IS A POLICE STATE." I was printing them by the thousands and somehow convinced I would sell every single one. I remember I was really angry as I was printing them--whatever the slogan meant, I absolutely believed it.

I saw The Happening tonight--oh man, is it bad... I'm someone who even liked Signs and The Village, but this was just too much. Stilted acting, bad dialogue, in-your-face "moral"--yuck! A great environment-gets-revenge can be made (and has, Hitchcock's The Birds), but this was definitely not it. I felt embarrassed watching it. That sound you heard was me being one of the last to jump off the Shyamalan bandwagon...
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