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Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun

Saw Sunshine yesterday. Hmm, what to say? Well, first of all I love the Alien template: a small crew, deep in space on a ship, getting a distress signal. Sadly, Sunshine doesn't do much with the promising situation. As long as the film seemed episodic, with the crew periodically discussing chances of success and fear of dying, tending the flourishing garden (nice nod to Silent Running), and talking to the computer, Icarus ("Mother," anyone?), it held together well and was engrossing. Ironically, only when the film finally tries to focus on one plot element, exciting as it is supposed to be, does the film fall apart. By the end, I was reminded of another child of Alien that ended so disappointingly: Event Horizon. Danny Boyle even could have had Sam Neill play the guy with a god complex--it would have seemed a reprise.

One of my favorite Astros, Morgan Ensberg, was designated for assignment yesterday, meaning he will be released in the next week or so. He has not been a productive player for the last season and a half, so no real surprise, but everything I ever read on him stressed what a great guy and teammate he was, with much of his humble attitude coming from a terrifying incident several years ago in which he was tied up and held at gunpoint by two robbers at his spring training motel. In a perfect world guys like Ensberg would be the ones to always succeed, instead of monsters from the id like Barry Bonds, but, alas, life doesn't work that way. I wish Morgan luck. Judging by the way his teammates sought him out to say goodbye, I believe they wish him luck as well.
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