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Harboring Delusions

Good news: I emailed my third chapter to my committee chair last week. Less good news: I already realize several places that need to be revised, and this before I've gotten any feedback! Well, at least it's easier to revise than to write from nothing.

My friend Martin, who now lives in Pennsylvania, came down with his wife and two daughters (including my god-daughter, Elspeth) for a couple of weeks because his sister was having a baby. Last Monday, we took time to take a trip down to Corpus Christi for the day. We drove along Shoreline Drive, taking in the bay. We accidently drove onto the Naval Air Station, where we were lectured sternly by the guard at the gate, and I was told to hand over my license for examination. We stopped and watched skaters at a skate park on the beach, who were listening to Sublime--it seemed eerily SoCal. We ate seafood at a recommended seafood joint called Snoopy's, literally located on a mud flat a few feet above the bay and almost directly under the huge causeway over to Padre Island (don't expect this place to survive the next hurricane). We discovered Whataburger's national headquarters. And we capped the day, by going to a Corpus Christi Hooks game; they are the AA affiliate of my beloved Astros. They play in the three-year old Whataburger Field, which is located with a spectacular view of the Harbor Bridge leaping up over the right field fence. The bridge is so high because it spans part of the port, and two times during the game, huge tankers glided by just yards away from the park. 

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