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Embrace the Gnome!

Did you enjoy Cinco de Mayo, mis amigos? I saw a Cinco de Mayo program at the elementary school yesterday that explained it all--the climactic scene, with the Mexicans armed with sticks and brooms fighting off the heavily armed French, was pretty good. The students who got to be French soldiers really got into the dramatic wielding of swords, even though they were routed and had to flee the stage...

I also went to the multiplex this morning to catch a four-dollar special matinee of Spiderman 3. The 10:00 showing was already sold out by 9:30, when I got there, so I got a ticket for the 10:30 show and had a great time. I've felt like the wave of superhero movies has had its ups (the X-Men films) and its downs (last summer's chemistry-less Superman Returns) but Spiderman 3 ranks with the best. The story and characters were strong, and the movie actually drew me in emotionally, which I was surprised by. Highly recommended.

My mom's birthday is coming up this week (yes, she has the "birthday-too-close-to-Christmas" syndrome, only with Mother's Day), and I got her a Garden Gnome. Yes, you read that right. A Garden Gnome. Before you criticize me for not getting her a bracelet or earrings or something, let me explain. I admit that I'm not sure she will love it, but she does love lava lamps, plasma lamps, all sorts of novelty items like that, so I'm going out on a limb and branching out with my gifts (boy, those two metaphors worked well together!). Besides, she doesn't get very excited by jewelry and perfume. So give me points for creativity, okay?

One last note: the gnome reminds me of trolls and how they were considered eveil/demonic by certain Christians I grew up with. When I was an undergraduate at Mary Hardin-Baylor (a Southern Baptist institution), one girl I knew refused to enter her room one day until her roommate got rid of the trolls she had just received from home and had set up around the room. Satanic influence and all that. The roommate ended up throwing them away. I mean, they were ugly as sin, but I'm not sure that means they are sin!
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