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I Prefer Skybar to The Viper Room

Two weeks ago, lbangs emailed me for my address, but he cryptically never told me why; naturally, I have been wondering what might be coming my way ever since. And then Saturday, I opened the mailbox to find a package from none other than lj superstar lilbrigid! When I opened it, what should I find but one of the elusive but storied candy bars called "Skybar"? For those not in the know, Skybar consists of four segments, each hollow--here's where it gets crazy--and each filled with a different type of filling! Fudge, peanut, vanilla, and caramel make up the four delicious segments. I had never seen one in real life, so of course, I was excited--who wouldn't be? That evening, I determined to eat two of the segments and save two, so I had caramel and vanilla, and put the rest away; sadly, within the hour, I craved the other two segments, so I dug the Skybar back out and ate them...I have no remorse. Thanks guys, that was a fun gift;)
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